Worshipful Brother Arthur Calver, PAGPurs.
A member of the Doric  Lodge for fifty-three years, was installed as Worshipful Master 11 years  after his Initiation on14th March, 1876.
Secretary from 1890 to 1925. Preceptor of Victoria Park Lodge of Instruction for 40 years, and Woodgrange Lodge of Instruction for 35
years.  A man of great character and ability; a most worthy Mason to whom we are  indebted for "Calver's Working," which is practiced
with pride in this and  several other Lodges.
W.Bro. Ben Harrison, LGR.
Initiated 1920, Worshipful Master, 1942. Will long be remembered for  his valiant service as Preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for so
many years.
W.Bro. G. H. Chestney, LGR
Initiated in 1923, Worshipful Master, 1946. Was Director of  Ceremonies for ten years.
A lovable rebel. " A good government needs a strong opposition."
W.Bro. F. A. Rudd
Initiated 1946, Worshipful Master 1958. A brother to whom Freemasonry was life  itself. His performance as "acting, unpaid Tyler" at the
Lodge of Instruction  will be recalled with affection.
W.Bro. R. J. Howe, LGR
Initiated 1926, Worshipful Master 1947. For several years Secretary of  the Lodge of Instruction. We miss his beautifully rendered lecture
on the Second  Tracing Board. Among his other activities, he had served the Lodge as Almoner  and Director of Ceremonies.
W.Bro. F. W. White, LGR, LGCR.
Initiated in November, 1906. Worshipful Master 1927. For  many years, was the Preceptor of the Doric Lodge of Instruction.
Was Director of Ceremonies for six  years.
W.Bro. E. G. Shotter, PGSt.B
Initiated on the 9th November, 1909. Worshipful  Master 1928.
Almoner for 18 years.
W.Bro. Oliver Munden, LGR
Initiated November 1939, retired as Director of Ceremonies in 1976 after 15 immaculate years.
W.Bro. Albert H. Clark, PGSt.B.
Initiated 8th March 1938. Secretary from 1956-1982, supervised the Centenary Celebrations (1962), oversaw the revision of Calver's
Ritual and preformed the first ceremony of such in Open Lodge in 1987,for which he occupied the Worshipful Master's Chair, the same
year as his 50th anniversary as a member of The Doric Lodge, and our 125th anniversary.  During his time with Doric he also took on the
duties Preceptor at Lodge of Instruction for many years and Treasurer, for one year, after vacating the Secretary's Chair in 1982.  W.Bro.
"Bert" Clark's influence has made a substantial impact in forming the character of The Doric Lodge as it is found today.
He has been sorely missed since his death in 1989.
R.W. Asst. Grand Master, Maj-Gen. Sir Allan Adair
Elected an Honorary Member during the Centenary Celebrations - 1962. Sadly he passed away in August 1988.
W.Bro. Sam Peat, LGR.
The first of the Peat Family to be Initiated in October 1965. Worshipful Master in 1976, 1977 and 1993,  W. Bro. Sam went on to
become Director of Ceremonies and Preceptor of The Doric Lodge of Instruction.  The high standards he set, and the respect he
commanded, are still with us, and to this day are a significant factor in the high esteem in which the workings of The Doric Lodge No. 933
are held by other Lodges.  W. Bro. Sam was sadly called to The Grand Lodge above in 1999 but his presence is very much felt by the
Brethren of Doric, especially during the performance of our ritual, when, whispers of his observations can be heard by some!
Bro. George West,
Initiated on 21st October 1947, was elected an Honorary Member in January 1999 in recognition of his 50 years plus, as an active
member of The Doric Lodge, although he had chosen not to take office.
Sadly he passed away two years later in January 2001.
W.Bro. Roy Peat, PGStB.
Initiated in 1968, Worshipful Master 1978 and 1981, graciously received his appointment as PGStB. in 1991, in recognition of his
contributions to Freemasonry in general and Doric Lodge in particular. In April 2001,  after 18 years outstanding service as Treasurer of
the Lodge, he vacated the office, and, as a mark of esteem, he was presented with an inscribed gift from the Brethren. He continues to be
one of the driving forces in the Lodge, keeping Doric on the right track to the present day, becoming Preceptor of the Doric Lodge of
Instruction in 2004, which he relinquished in 2008, when he became Master for the 3rd time, 30 years after his first Installation!
W.Bro. Reg Macdonald, SLGR, SLGCR, PPGSN (Essex).
Was Initiated in October 1970 and became Worshipful Master in 1979. Having taken over the Office of Secretary in 1982, he was very
much involved with the revising and reprinting of the Calver's Ritual during 1986, during which year he received the Honour of London
Grand Rank. Holding the Office during our 125th Anniversary Celebrations in 1987, he continued to give outstanding service in the
performance of his duties until April 2001, when he relinquished the position in favour of "younger blood". As a mark of esteem from the
Brethren, he received an inscribed gift, in recognition of his 19 years exemplary service.
2008 saw him honored with Senior London Grand Rank, in recognition of his services to Freemasonry in general, The Doric Lodge in
particular and the Community at large.
W.Bro. Don Edwards, SLGR.
Initiated on 17th October 1978, became Master of the
Lodge within just six years in April 1984.
He remained as Master for a further year in 1985, was appointed as Director of Ceremonies in 1989, being Preceptor of The Doric Lodge
of  Instruction from 1991 to 2003.
In recognition of his achievements and contributions to the Craft, he received the Honour of London Grand Rank in 1992 and Senior
London Grand Rank in 1998.
Ill health forced him to retire from "active service" in 2007, and in recognition of his outstanding and devoted service to the Doric Lodge,
having been Director of Ceremonies for 19 years, he became an Honorary Member of the Doric Lodge in January 2008.
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W.Bro. John Ancona, LGR.
Initiated into the Doric Lodge  on 18th October 1977, W.Bro. John was Installed as Master in 1986.
Appointed Charity Steward in 1988, and awarded London Grand Rank in 1995, he has completed 22 years of continuous, dedicated,
service, overseeing the Lodge’s Charitable affairs to date.
W.Bro. John Alexander Miller PAGDC.
Was initiated in the Doric Lodge No. 933 in 1903, and was Worshipful Master in 1915 and 1921.
He was a Founder and First Master of the Lodge of Peace No. 4182; for 21 years Preceptor of the  Coborn Lodge of Instruction.
Member of London Grand Rank. Appointed P.A.G.St.B. in 1929 and promoted P.A.G.D.C. in 1939.

He was honorary member of the following lodges :—
Coopers Old Boys Lodge No. 5211,
Bond Stone Lodge No. 5364,
Cubic Stone Lodge No. 4720,
Euphrates Lodge No. 212,
Phillibrook Lodge No. 5803,
Lodge of Kindness No. 5696,
Durolitum Lodge No. 5613.

He was also a Companion of the Royal Arch, and member of the Mark degree as well as the Order of the Secret Monitor, the latter being
a degree in which he was specially interested.
His rendering of the Third Address was an inspiration to all and would say "Be happy and diffuse happiness".
Sadly he died on 20th May 1945 after a long illness.