As a Lodge, we are proud of our heritage, and want to show off our superb ritual. As we do Calver Ritual, the chances are you have never
seen it before so when you hear cries of "Thats Calver's way of doing things" it may be that we have made a mistake and are covering up,
or more likely it is just that little bit different to what you are used to, to make it interesting.
We love to entertain visitors. It has often been said that we are the friendliest Lodge visitors have ever been to, and we will do our utmost
to make you feel the same. We find that there is little point rehearsing our ritual if we are unable to show off at the meetings. We put a lot of
effort into our work, and you can be sure of a well executed meeting, full of warmth and good cheer.
As we meet in Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street, London, we would be pleased to meet you prior to the meeting and take you on a
tour of the Masonic Museum and a visit to the Grand temple. Freemasons Hall is the very heart of Freemasonry in the UK, and you are
sure to be impressed by the rich history on show.
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Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London
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Our meetings there are held on the following dates, annually:
3rd Tuesday in January
3rd Tuesday in April (Installation)
3rd Tuesday in October
If you would like to visit one of our meetings, please email our Secretary with a request, and he will be pleased to contact you to arrange
You will be required to be vetted at Great Queen Street by our Worshipful Master, who will expect you to produce your Grand Lodge
certificate and a letter of good standing from your Lodge.
Visitors from other constitutions will also be required to produce similar documentation to the staff in the enquiry office at Freemasons' Hall
who will in turn introduce them to our Lodge prior to the meeting.
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